Transforming business concept to Prototype, MVP, and Production


Understanding how to implement your needs and expand your business


Professional management & technology teams focus on implementing and supporting customer businesses

BStar is pioneering the Silicon Valley of Vietnam and Southeast Asia. Our mission is to solve business and technical problems. We transform clients’ business concepts through the stages of prototype, minimum viable product (MVP), and production. Our mastery of global software development processes and business oriented focus allows our clients to achieve their business objectives.

Services Offered

User Interface and User Experience Design

You send us your business ideas and requirements. BStar will create a user experience design fitting your needs.

  • Our demos are one of a kind: we offer full concept demos with multiple pages that show whole projects compatible with multiple screen sizes.
  • You can review demos by a single click and give feedback for changes.
  • You can also use our full concept demos for your stakeholder presentations.

Mobile Application Solutions

  • Our highly experienced mobile application engineers can propose cutting edge cross-platform and native solutions for mobile applications which meet your budget and business strategy.
  • Our engineers have produced exceptionally high quality work for companies worldwide.

Website and Web Application Solutions

Solid Expertise in:

  • Product/Company Website Design and Development
  • Listing and Booking Web Portals
  • ERP for Small and Medium Sized Companies
  • Cutting Edge Full Stack E-Commerce Systems

Our Clients

POEMS – Smart Mobile Trader Application

A modern mobile and web-based solution for Financing and Capital Organization with digital marketing integration and Portfolio recommendation.

Bringing Financial and Technological Literacy / Solutions to The Masses

“Sakaefintech Pte Ltd ( a subsidiary of Sakae Holdings Ltd) aims to bring prosperity to the masses through developing and providing  useful financial & technological applications and training. We are committed to develop mobile solutions and courses to enhance people and businesses competency when dealing with the uncertain economy and market.

​Our Technoforex platform gives investors a cutting edge tool to learn and trade with confidence in new and powerful ways, whether they are doing it manually or on a mobile device. This trading app provides the convenience to help traders to automate their trading strategies and optimize their performance.”

The Four Cs of Mobile Advertising

Fast and flexible online surveys – Which slogan should we use? Which promotional gifts will work best? Do consumers understand the exciting new competition we are launching? Will the current media storm hurt our brand? What are people excited about in the upcoming festive season?

Property Business platform for Property Agents’ to sustain, scale and grow their Real Estate Business

Building Your Real Estate Business with Technology. Property Agents can use technology to enhance closing rate, increase business opportunity & scalability and able themselves to grow their business into all market segment.

Go Digital – Build Your Real Estate Business with Technology.

Property Agents are empowered to grow & scale their business through all property segments. Enhance closing rate, increase business opportunities & scalability.

Hubble Connected

Hubble is an end to end cloud based solution that makes it easy to stay connected with your favorite people, places and pets with live video streaming and up-to-date smart notifications wherever you are. Hubble works with numerous leading OEMs and IoT providers offering complete SDK, API integration documentation and reference design, enabling them to rapidly integrate and connect new products to the cloud.

Monetize your Guest Wi-Fi investment

Digitize your menu & get 7% sales lift by influencing customer purchase decision when they are ready to order

Optimize your staffing & labor cost based on visitation, duration of stay, not just hourly sales reports

Workspoon – Engage Development Companies

Workspoon outsources your projects to developing countries, safely and smoothly

Tran Quang miniERP is business process management software that allows the company to use a system of integrated applications to manage the business and automate many back office functions related to supply chain, manufacturing, accountant, distributor and human resources.

Our work: System Architect Design, Implementation, Deployment, Maintenance.

What our customers say

“I highly recommend that new startup who are sourcing for development vendor, to change your strategy, to employ resources services from ‘BStar Solutions Ltd’. The cost is just a small factions of a development house. You are able to interview and select quality engineers to work on your projects. They are willing to work closing with you daily, addressing issues very effectively, with commitment. “

Andrew Lim CEO of HubAsset Pte, Ltd

“BStar is very innovative, and I have to say this because of the brilliant results. Their works translated our ideas straightaway into a useable system. Their design, colors, and themes are really excellent.  The design from my point of view is not only about appearance, but also about how easily the user can use a product. They always try their best to propose a flexible and affordable approach for the products.“

Thuy HoangManaging Director of TransX Systems, Inc.

“Please convey my congratulations to your team in delivering few critical functionalities for IVF app and integration of with other external systems. The team embraced the tough deadlines willingly and went the extra mile to meet the deadlines. All the best to your team and I am privileged to work with your team”

Sambasivam Sathyamoorthy CEO of ICT Software Solutions, Inc.